• 6 Months Supply Of Tattoo Removal Cream

    $199.99 $159.95

    6 Months supply is not enough cream to remove an unwanted as most tattoos have averaged 5-7 before they start to fade the tattoo. However, if you come to the end of a course lasting only need little amount removed this would be ideal for this.

    Laser Vs Tattoo Removal Cream
    The process of removing a tattoo laser is based on the break ink pigmentation. This technique can be very painful and uncomfortable and can leave nasty scars on your skin. The price to get rid of a tattoo via laser will cost around $1800-$30000 AUS. With thINK, you can remove your tattoo quickly, safely and economically. Place your order now

    3 Months supply is not sufficient to remove a tattoo the average tattoo takes 7-12 months to remove. However, you can purchase three months’ supply if you’re coming to an end of a supply and have a little left to remove.