Can I use thINK Cream with laser treatment?
Yes, thINK may be utilized before, after or together with the laser. Unlike laser treatments, thINK does not cause pain or scars and costs less money. If you decide to mix treatments, please do not apply to the LC until healed skin laser treatment. Also, eliminate the use of about ten days before laser treatment.

Can the cream remove Semi permanent tattoos or my face?
We can confirm that yes the cream will eliminate semi-permanent tattoo and is 100% safe to use on the face it won’t damage harm or burn hair follicles.

thINK Cream could it irritate the skin?
thINK is hypoallergenic. The creams do not contain Chromabright, acid (TCA) or hydroquinone. Customers have found that is suitable for all skin types. You can use the thINK creams during the time that you need to achieve satisfactory results.

Can I tan in the sun while using thINK Cream?
Yes, you can expose your thINK treated areas to sunlight. You could apply a sunscreen on the treated area. Note that thINK is not waterproof and should be reapplied after exposure to water.

Can I wear clothes while using thINK Cream?
After applying let it absorb into your skin before covering with clothing. No need to bandage the treated area though. thINK remains on the skin to help fade your tattoo.

Can I order from abroad?
Yes, we ship worldwide every day.

Is my information safe?
Yes, our website is completely safe, you can order with confidence. Beyond that, do not sell or give your name or any of your information to any person or company, period! Your business is strictly confidential.

Why buy thINK Cream?
thINK is the tattoo removal system more successfully to help eliminate any tattoo or permanent cosmetic. It costs a fraction of the cost of laser treatment. And unlike laser, painless, or scarring.


Does not contain harmful ingredients. 

Chromabright NO, NO Acid (TCA), NO hydroquinone.

How does thINK remove my tattoo?
thINK is cream with a device that permeates the dermis to help fade away attacking tattoo ink. By gradually fading away from your tattoo, you do not have to worry about your tattoo looking worse than before unlike laser treatment leaving you with a burnt skin effect.


Has thINK been medically proven?

Our studies show that more than 98.7% of users of thINK achieve satisfactory results. Some situations require a longer treatment period depending on the tattoo age and color.

Is thINK FDA approved?
thINK is done in a laboratory regulated by the FDA in a monograph of the FDA. That is, the FDA is familiar with the ingredients and considered safe for the general population. Only drugs that require a prescription obtained official approval from the FDA. thINK does not need a prescription to buy or use. No side effects than we are aware. thINK is the system more efficient Fade Away market. It was developed as a system of 1 step.

Does the age or color of the tattoo matter?
No, the age of your tattoo does not seem to matter with thINK. Removes all colors with darker taking longer than lighter to fade. There are too many variables to accurately estimate how long the tattoo removal treatment will take (i.e., color tattoo, the depth of the ink, the ink, body chemistry, ext.). You can use thINK long as it takes to get the results you are looking for.

Will I see results within a month?
You may or may not see visible results in the first month. Typically, progress is slow in the beginning. As the rupture starts should be accelerated. This is why it is recommended at least six month supply for all but the smallest tattoos.


Can I use while pregnant?

Yes, you can its 100% safe to use while pregnant, so you have nothing to worry about.